Bridges Community Economic Development Corporation

Bridges Community Economic Development Corporation (BRIDGES) is a community-based organization providing social, educational and economic services to the greater Los Angeles area since 1993. BRIDGES helps underserved communities locally and internationally. The arms of Bridges reach from the inner city of Los Angeles to the shores of Coron, Philippines and the hillsides of Ghana, Africa via Bridges to the Nations.

How we change our world...

Academic Center of Excellence

Our mission is to bridge the academic gap in all communities within the greater Los Angeles area. ACE provides educational resources and support so that every student has an opportunity to achieve his/her full intellectual potential. ACE offers Academic Assessment & Counseling, Academic Enrichment Workshops, College Entrance Exams Prep, College Prep Workshops and more.

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Bridges Global Missions

Bridges Global Missions provides ministry, housing, clothing, nutritious food, clean water, medical and dental services to Haiti, the Philippines, and Africa. We bring hope and love and hands-on support to those who need it the most.

Bridges to Haiti

Bridges to the Philippines

Mission to Ghana

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