Academic Center of Excellence (ACE)

Our mission is to bridge the academic gap in all communities within the greater Los Angeles area.  This community organization is committed to give all youth access to excellent and high quality supplemental educational programs.  We strive to create a level playing field through educational resources and support to enable every student to have an opportunity to maximize his/her full academic potential.

  • Promote a college-going culture
  • Promote wellness and healthy living
  • Increase English proficiency and writing skills of     students
  • Increase mathematic proficiency of students
  • Bridge the digital divide in computer knowledge, access and literacy
  • Increase parental involvement
  • Increase family financial literacy
  • Decrease youth involvement in risk-taking and anti-social behavior
  • Increase confidence of students in their academic abilities and hopes for future success
The ACE program is dedicated to assisting youth in grades 6th-12th prepare for college through leadership training, individualized planning and life skills. We are also committed to the development of these students’ families and the communities in which they live. Our workshops and services include:

  • Academic Assessment
  • SAT/ACT Practice Exams, Training and Resources
  • High School Exit Exam preparation
  • College Campus Visits
  • Literacy and Mathematic Skills Development
  • Algebra Institute
  • English Institute
  • College Application & Portfolio Assistance
  • Study Skills & Test Taking Strategies
  • Essay Writing Assistance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mentoring
  • Personal Development
  • Resume and Interview Techniques
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Labs
  • Tutorial Programs
  • Resumes and Interviews
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Parent Enrichment/Empowerment Seminars
  • Community Service Awareness
  • Summer Enrichment Opportunities

and much more!

The Academic Center of Excellence in partnership with the UCLA Early Academic Outreach Program offers free college preparatory programs to high school students. The programs include essay writing workshops, SAT practice exams, training and college application and portfolio assistance. Most of our programs and services are offered at no charge to the community.

We have:

  • Credentialed and experienced master teachers
  • Track record of success
  • Fun and engaging instruction
  • Individual assessment for each student
  • Positive and supportive environment
  • Computer-based training
  • Focus on higher education
The Academic Center of Excellence has partnered with the CSU system to offer The Summer Algebra Institute (SAI). SAI is a FREE six week, intensive fun four hours a day / five days a week course that is designed to improve the student’s math skills.

SAI is facilitated by certified math instructors and supported by online instruction. The program is designed for Middle and High School students who are having difficulties in math or preparing to take Pre- Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra II or geometry. The primary goal of SAI is to prepare students to succeed in mathematic subjects, with the ultimate goal for students to enroll in higher education immediately after high school graduation.

Algebra is considered to be the gateway course as it relates to college admission and successful completion. Thus, the Summer Algebra Institute focuses on academic content, study skills and college exposure through campus field trips.

The program also includes a college preparation component that consists of academic counseling and exposure to math-based careers and opportunities in higher education.