Bridges to Haiti

How the story began…

In wake of the 7.0 earthquake on January 12, 2010, Haiti captured the world’s attention with the horrific conditions that millions of its citizens have lived under for decades. Long before the earthquake, Haitians were impoverished by a lack of infrastructure, illiteracy, and deforestation.

Alton Trimble, a pastor from Carson, California, was invited to survey post-earthquake Haiti.

A serendipitous mix-up in his accommodations led the pastor to the rural town of Carries in the Cote de Arcadins region, about an hour north of Port-au-Prince. Cote de Arcadins is a hill-strewn coastal region representing a microcosm of the situation in Haiti.

Poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, and illiteracy are only exacerbated by the complete absence of healthcare and the lack of an accessible water source for the village.

Upon Pastor Trimble’s return to the U.S., a planning committee formed, leading to the inception of Bridges to Haiti, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation under the auspices of Bridges Community and Economic Development Corporation.

The committee’s goals were simple yet lofty:

  • To address the needs of the people in Haiti in the areas of healthcare, water, sources, housing, education, and self-sustaining food supplies.
  • To work side-by-side with Haitian community leaders and empower them to develop their own solutions the problems they face.

Accomplishments since 2010…

  • Organized and deployed several multi-disciplinary medical teams to Haiti, providing crucial services in rural areas.
  • Produced “Grace for Haiti” benefit concert and raised funds to provide school supplies for hundreds of Haitian children.
  • Constructed water well to provide safe, potable water to residents of Cote de Arcadins region.
  • Built prototype home (now occupied) to replace makeshift shelter in the hills of Carries, an area often devastated by mudslides during hurricane season. Fundraising in progress to construct more homes.
  • On scene during cholera outbreak to provide medications and education regarding this deadly disease.
  • Hosted Bridges Golf Tournament to raise funds for development projects.
  • Provided over 400 bidets and women’s health education classes for Carries.
  • Delivered one baby during medical clinic!
  • Taught dental hygiene classes
  • Treated over 3000 patients to date